DSCN0059I saw a coloring book design while looking for valentine heart designs. It was very complex. I wanted a small design I could use in about a 1 inch diameter pendant. This heart looked so interesting I used it in one of my Ramblin Dan blogs that I called, "Feel the Love". Later on I thought maybe I could make it work in a less than a square inch of area as a pendant. I made several examples and played with the design a lot in my Aspire CAD program. It took more than two days of work cleaning up the drawing.

I next ran across a Celtic border design I thought I could make into a pendant. Or perhaps ear dangles...  It's not a ring...

First thought was to recess the design into a silver bar and darken the background. Playing in the CAD, I pushed the design all the way through the bar. I liked the look!

The cross wax model was made years ago. Just waiting for an available flask to get cast into silver.

So, here are the new designs I just finished. When I get some jump rings and bales on them, I'll take a more formal disply photo.