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My adult daughter, Shelley, influenced me to join her in a "popup" arts exhibit and 7th annual Crawfish Boil in Richardson Texas. Location is the Episcopal Church of the Epiphany, 421 Custer Rd, in Richardson, Texas. http://www.artsincubatorrichardson.org/

Shelley produces colored "art glass" through a process of torch firing and colors of glass rods. Most items are beautifully colored glass beads. She influenced me to join with her at the art show and show some of my silver work with her craft.

The crawfish above are 3D printed in my studio and will accompany my display as part of the crawfish boil theme. The smudged background seemed appropriate for the mudbugs...

We were both asked to supply three photos of our work. So I present them here for your enjoyment.

KautzCraft 3 KautzCraft
KautzCraft 1 KautzCraft 0551
KautzCraft 2

KautzCraft 2


We make a good team. This should be a good experience.