IMG 0910Plastic or Brass?I have fallen, but I CAN get back up…

A vision of an old TV marketing axiom we all got tired of hearing. Get old and you fall down and can’t get back up. It may be hard, but I know I can get back up.

My “falling” corollary involves my lost wax silver casting. Including other potential cast-able metals. I have “fallen” from actively participating in that craft. 

I have the skills. That has been proven. I have all the necessary tools, technique, and equipment. Nothing has been lost. It waits for my return.

I traveled off-road to making plastic Junque with hobbyist 3D printing. I design nice “stuff” with CAD and plastic, but the result is plastic. If you have read previous blog statements, it should be obvious. I don’t feel totally fulfilled with plastic creations. Far less intrinsic value in plastic than silver

October 2021 I am gathering and removing the plastic clutter from around me and my workspace. Making room for the return Lost Wax and all that involves. Figuratively getting back up and walking on a path that provides me the most personal satisfaction.

3D print is not going away. It will be used to make master models for casting. That is what initially changed my direction.

I have several techniques for making the master casting models. Hand carving wax. Machine (CNC) carving wax. Eventually 3D Printed masters.

This posting is a declaration of a change. Not discussing particulars. Just marking a decision point in time where I vow to get back up. Back up to doing what provides the most creative satisfaction. 

Not breaking new unplowed ground, But always discovering new and original creative design opportunities in Last Wax casting. 

Jewelry is the common product. But Lost Wax process is good for creating many other cast metal items. The limitation is the size of the molds that can be handled.

I have no intentions of becoming a production factory or foundry. KautzCraft is a craftsman operation.

Now looking towards getting back into the “heat” of the Lost Wax casting craft.