GK saw my signet ring and asked for one herself. So this is the result. 

Again. it was designed on FUSION360 CAD and then the master model 3D printed with my MSLA resin printer. 

The casting process is the typical Lost Wax Casting.

Many steps in the casting process and I find I enjoy the creative process far more than stopping at the 3D print level. In the LWC art-craft, the 3D printing is just one of many process steps. Much more persona attention and hands-on creative effort. 

The pictures show a few steps of the creative process.

IMG 2636 IMG 2637
STL file of ring with supports used when 3D printing. Ring immediately after 3D printitng.
IMG 2639 IMG 2640
3D print of ring before investing for casting in silver. Immediately after casting in silver.
IMG 2641  
Finished GK ring.