Bought a new URL for this website. A URL is a “Uniform Resource Locator” also known as an Internet address. For the first time I picked a URL that is not the common .com, .org, or .net. It is KautzCraft.Studio. The capital letters are not necessary. Just makes it easier to read. is the correct form.

The previous URL for this website was I still own that URL but is currently tied to the old hosting service until a few days into the year 2020. Either URL points to the same website. A simple behind-the-scene trick.

It matches my website title, so it is a keeper.

I have also taken down my KautzCraft Store website. Its URL now points here.  I may in time, reactivate the store with a much simpler and easier to maintain website. The software I chose was far more interested in promoting and selling store software upgrades than providing the simple presentation service I desire. Meaning, it was far more “professional” than my needs.

My creative works remain available for purchase, but an Internet storefront is not the way to market my craft. I will find an easier alternative.