These items were cast and finished two days before Christmas, 2016. The heart with treble cleft was hand carved from an example in a picture I saw, that someone published. Since my wife is a piano teacher, it seemed necessary to make one of my own for her. Hand carved, it’s slightly different than the original.

The “Fleur-de-Cross” as I call them are my own original design. I can’t say no one else has made these, but these are not copied. I was asked if I could design a cross on a Fleur-de-lis and this is what I produced.

The pendants were designed using Vectric Aspire 8.5, a CNC CAD program. I recently acquired several 3D printers. They are low end plastic filament type so can’t be used to produce wax masters. I decided to make (print) proof-of-concept models with one of the 3D printers. The proofs turned out nice and could be used to show a client a life size example of a new design before committing to the long process of real production.

It is a bit hard to see, the background of the cross pendants is blackened and the high points buffed up to shiny silver. They are very sharp looking and I think they will be popular addition to my collection.

DSC07360 DSC07372
3d Printed in ABS plastic. For some reason they remind me of the BSA I'll be making more of these, I think
I enjoy 100% hand carving