New packaging has been added for my silver jewelry. It is a small plastic bag that is produced with an anti-tarnish ingredient built in. The bags are copper color but still translucent so the item can still be viewed through the bag. The maker claims the bags are effective for at lest a year. User reports say they last much longer than that.

The bags are supposed to darken as they absorb the sulfur gas, a sign they are becoming less effective. I would assume in typical home use where jewelry is kept in a box or drawer, this treatment will last a considerable time. I was born and raised in a steel and coke making town. We thought sulfur filled air and black silver were normal...

I also have some anti-tarnish tabs, about an inch square (bottom of picture) that do the same job when included inside a non-treated bag.

My plan is this will save some polishing of my inventory and provide my customers with a good way to store their occasional use silver.