Previous post disclosed that I was going back to old skills and hand caring a ringfrom wax. 

The project is complete and the ring is now on my ring finger right hand. I also tried it on the left hand where another silver ring I made usually stays full time. Right hand fingers are a tiny bit larger than the left hand.

The blue wax slab was cut from a large block of wax long ago. I use it from time to time as can be seen from the several “bytes” missing from the slab.

Have skipped documenting the investment process, kiln firing, and actual casting process. The next picture shows the ring on the sprue after coming out of the acid pickling process. The white is actually how pure silver looks before polishing.

Required several more hours of hand work before the ring was in that all bright and shiny finished form.

Last picture shows the ring is a size 12 as intended.

IMG 0923 ing 9999
IMG 0920 IMG 0921
IMG 0922