This is a example of my current work in Lost Wax Casting of Sterling Silver. Some of these items are 100% hand carved in wax while the more finely detailed are machined in wax with 3 or 4 axis CNC mill. The wax masters are then used (one time) to create molds for casting the designs in silver. The wax master is burned away and lost.

A few of these designs have been made multiple times as I often receive request for a particular piece. Most of the items shown are available in my new on-line e-commerce store.

All programming and finished designs are created by Dan Kautz. Some of the basic outline shapes like the Celtic designs are publicly available but are modified in their design for the applications as shown here.

Many other metals can be used besides silver. Gold being amoung the most expensive!


DSC03617 DSC03631
DSC04798 DSC04938
DSC04960 DSC04971
DSC04984 DSC05052
DSC05064 DSC05071 15
DSC05293 DSC05289
DSC05339 DSC05340
DSC05358 DSC05394
DSC05405 DSC05406
DSC06550 DSC05530
DSC05850 DSC05853
DSC05960  DSC05973
DSC06067 39 DSC06107 43 
DSC06126 DSC06128
DSC06130 DSC06132
DSC06275  DSC06350
DSC06336 DSC06402
DSC06424 48 DSC06427
DSC06497 DSC06499
DSC06502 DSC06570 
DSC06568 DSC06571 
DSC06758 DSC07188 
DSC07189 DSC07190
DSC07191 DSC07192
DSC07211 DSC07213
DSC07214 DSC07233 
DSC07234 DSC07252 
DSC07254 DSC07255
DSC07377 DSC07372