I thoroughly enjoy the craft and art of creating lost wax silver cast items. The creation is where I find the enjoyment. The finished product is… well, just the finished product. I like what I make but I like making of it better.

I realized that there is art in the steps of creation and I am usually the only one who ever sees it. At least in my shop. I work almost exclusively alone. I see it, enjoy the moment, and then it is gone forever. Unless I take a few photo’s along the way.

I have been taking photos and publishing the sequence of creation for years. They are the basis of the many blogs I publish of the things I love to create or make.

Here are a few shots of my most recent private art show.

This silver pendant project I call a CrossNote. Suitable wearable for church choir member, church musician, or someone who just enjoys Christian liturgical music.

IMG 1437 IMG 1436
 This design was created in Vectric Aspire 3D CAD and then cut with my Taig CNC mill. The remaining wax is a bit of art in it's own appearance. The calculation is the number of grams of silver required for casting. I melted 40g.  This is the tree that will be encased in investment then totally burned away or "lost" in a 1350 degree kiln. It too is a colorful bit of temporary art.
FullSizeRender DSC07748
 After the cast, what was wax is now silver. Here the tree is in the hot acid "pickle". I think it has an artsy "misty" look.  Out of the pickle and undergoing inspection. I think this could be something displayed as art...
DSC07749 DSC07751
 A closer look. I am pleased the casting went well. This is not the stopping point so this tree is about to be chopped apart and lose its association with looking like a tree.  All eight pices of the CrossNote finished and ready for market. The entire process took about 36 hours with about 12 of them being hands on labor, design and finish work. The rest, machining and kiln firing.time.